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Business Law

Business and Commercial Law

Wisconsin Business LawFor over 150 years, the business lawyers at Dempsey Law Firm, LLP have represented Wisconsin financial, commercial, banking, service, manufacturing, publishing, educational, charitable, and municipal enterprises for all of their legal needs.

Our team of attorneys is well versed in all corporate, business and banking law matters. We routinely handle entity formations for sub-chapter S and C corporations, non-profit corporations, professional associations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. We also can function as the general counsel of your corporate entity, handle corporate books and minutes, prepare and file state required filings, negotiate and draft leases and contracts for sales and acquisitions, and pursue collections.

For the individual, our team of lawyers can offer knowledge in negotiating loan agreements, drafting promissory notes and guaranties, handling real estate issues, or reviewing title insurance policies and letter reports to protect the interests of our clients in all aspects of business transactions. As Wisconsin trial attorneys, we can litigate any corporate law issue. It is no surprise that our client list is so extensive.

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